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When women need for facial skin treatment?

This is a good question which I’ve been asked for many years. I would like to say since you are teenager. Why? Teenager age is the period of growth, new younger cells coming up every period of time. Then in age about 25, all cells start getting destructive. So the question: does new cell generate in rate over dying cells? If yes, it’s ok. If not, you will see some changes on your face as signals. Our target for treatment are in 3 purposes:

  1. to stimulate new cells replaced old/dying cells
  2. to keep cells staying younger as long as possible
  3. to rejuvenate cells

Once all girls start to taking care themselves earlier and in constantly with discipline, all purposes are accomplished. You will get younger look than people the same age for sure.


Why women have to be looking good?

Many years ago, when I told one of my best friend to look after herself since younger age, she always said that “Why do i have to? I’m looking good now.” Here is an article that I found to support my thought. Why women have to be looking good? It’s kind of psychological issue: Thank you for the author of this website make us clearer about this.

Marcia Reynolds Psy.D.



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